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Protect your livestock from slips and falls! When concrete surfaces on your dairy farm become slick, you will be confronted with falling cows and the loss of valuable animals. High producers, which tend to be weaker, and the young heifers not used to smooth concrete are the ones most likely to fall. Prevent costly losses before they occur.


Traction in All Directions

With grooves 1" wide, spaced 3" apart (which equals four 1" grooves per foot), scarifying provides traction for your cattle that keeps them sure-footed in any direction of travel, whether in pens, lockup, or free stall alleys. We recommend a depth of 3/8" for easy cleanup and years of traction for your cattle.

Reduces Animal Stress

When cattle can move around on concrete without the fear of falling, they will move more freely and frequently to areas of feed and water. Sometimes concrete will become so smooth that some cattle will avoid these areas if possible. Dairy cows are less nervous in holding areas and will move into parlors better, making things easier for both the cow and the milker. With good traction the cows' joints also show less age and injury.

Aids in Heat Detection

In dairies where cattle are confined to slick concrete, you may miss heat cycles and fail to have them breed. Cattle will avoid mounting or standing if they know they will slip or fall. Production is decreased and the overall herd average will be lowered.

Cost Effective and Practical

Our service provides an effective way to avoid unnecessary loss of cattle and money. Slick concrete problems will not go away. Make the investment today to avoid future losses.

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